Featured Collection - Top 30 Colors

Retail Price: $85

Sale Price: $39.95

Save Over $45!

Want a PRO Hair Tie for ANY occasion? From glow-in-the-darks to pastels and color mixes, this collection has it all!

Set Includes:

  • 30 Top Selling Colors [$60 Retail Value]
  • PRO Hair Tie Clutch Purse [$15 Value]
  • PRO Hair Tie Styling Comb [$10 Value]


Share with your friends, or keep them all for yourself, the decision is yours! Don't miss out on this deal!

While supplies last, Price subject to change at anytime.

Colors Included In Collection: Black, Baby Blue, Black/Pink, Black/White, Blonde, Blue Glow, Camouflage, Clear, Light Brown, Light Grey, Maroon, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink, Pastel Purple, Pastel Green,Neon Pink, Pink, Pink Glow, Plum Purple, Purple, Red, Silver, Teal, Tie-Dye, White, White Glow, White/Blue, White/Pink, White/Purple, White/Teal,