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How to use the hair tie

Step 1

Put your hair up in your favorite style just like you would with a normal hair tie

Step 2

Find the PRO hair tie clasp and lift up at an angle

Step 3

Shake your beautiful hair free

Client reviews

Unlike other “nonslip” hair ties, these don’t rip out your hair because you just unhook the rubber band from the plastic holder. No unwinding of your ponytail required.


I have recently purchased a second set of PRO Hair Ties. They are sooo good but unfortunately like all other hair ties I’ve managed to lose them all. They are the only hair ties that hold my hair up nicely, without causing breakage.


I will never go back to traditional hair ties!!!! I use these every single day and night. I can comfortably leave a ponytail in for two days and still have no breakage or pulling when I take it out. I would definitely recommend giving PRO Hair Ties a try.


I’m so glad I tried these little PRO Hair Ties – No more breakage. I have a long bob and I’m constantly putting it in messy pony tail and I used to use regular hair ties from the drugstore. Recommend.


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