Grace Finlay June 25, 2020

Best Hair Ties for Curly Hair

I cannot stress this enough, the best hair ties for curly hair are PRO Hair Ties. I know this is a bold statement but after years of snapped hair ties, odd bumps left in my curls, tugging out clumps of hair, and even losing hair ties in my hair for alarming amounts of time, I can tell you that these have changed my hair game. I used to loathe my curly hair because I didn’t know how to style it in any way other than wearing it down. I was so jealous that my friends could just throw their hair up in a ponytail or buns without any worries. I would have to use a flat iron or blow out my hair if I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have to fight my way in and out of an up-do. Finding PRO Hair Ties online was like an “aha moment” for me. A hair tie that would unclasp, made of non-stick silicone, and a round-to-flat beaded design sounded exactly like what my curls needed. The worst part about regular old hair ties was the clump of hair I would have to painfully tear from my head. When I tried my PRO Hair ties for the first time, it was like a miracle to see I had lost zero hair in the process of taking my hair down. I was also stunned to see that the ties could support all of my curly hair. The ponytail stayed in all day, even during my three-mile run. I originally started with the Midnight Pack and was so happy with the results that I took it a step further, trying out the PRO Scrunchie. Even the softer scrunchies worked on my curly hair. I could finally make my hair into a cute top knot or space buns without the pain of snapping my hair ties. My curls are so thankful that I found PRO Hair Ties, I will be a customer for life.


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