Best Hair Ties for Motorcycle Riding

Women who ride motorcycles know the helmet-hair struggle. We have two options: let your hair fly loose and risk it getting in your face or tie your hair back and hope that it stays in place while you’re riding at 80 MPH. My secret is that I use PRO Hair Ties. I found the company from an advertisement and I took a leap of faith, ordering a pack of Dark Brown Ties. I even forgot I had ordered them until they showed up at my door. I used them to give myself two low space buns before taking a ride up to New Hampshire for the weekend. The second I hit the highway, I knew I had stumbled upon something amazing. When I arrived and took my helmet off, I was amazed to see that my hairstyle had stayed perfectly intact for the entire trip. I was worried about taking them out because usually my ponytail or braid tangled up in the wind and a giant chunk of my hair fell out with my regular hair ties. When I unclasped my PRO Hair Ties, my hair simply unraveled back to its original state. One of my favorite parts was that the hair ties turned into a really cute bracelet to wear around when I wasn’t using them. I use PRO Hair Ties every time I take a trip now, and I’ve given them to all of my friends who ride motorcycles too, even the men!

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