5 Cute Summer Hairstyles You Should Try for Swimming
Grace Finlay June 11, 2020

5 Cute Summer Hairstyles You Should Try for Swimming

How my daughter learned to not lose her hair ties

Any mom with an athletic daughter knows that the number one thing that you will continuously have to repurchase is: hair ties. After going through countless packs, I had finally given up and decided to get all of the other swim team moms in on a special surprise for our girls. As swimmers, the girls are constantly pulling back their hair to put it into their swim caps, or during their morning weight workouts in the gym. I would be a millionaire if I had $1 for every time I have heard her say, “Mom, can you please go buy me some more hair ties? I ran out.”

 The other moms and I decided to surprise our girls, each with a pack of new Pro Hair Ties, hoping that they wouldn’t lose them. Pro Hair Ties are amazing because they have a clasp on them for the girls to easily remove their hair after a long practice, with their hair being tied up and wet under a cap. They also look fashionable and fun, so the girls all love to trade them among themselves.

Pro Hair Ties made something as simple as tying up their hair for relays just a bit more enjoyable. All of the different colors are beautiful, and each of the girls now has their own “lucky hair tie” that they always wear for their races. Since my and the other mom's purchase of Pro Hair Ties, I can honestly say that we will not be going to buy more hair ties from our local stores any time soon.

Cute Athletic Hairstyles To Try For Swimmers


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