4 Easy Gymnastics Hairstyles To Take To The Mat
Grace Finlay June 11, 2020

4 Easy Gymnastics Hairstyles To Take To The Mat

Competitive gymnastics has been my life since I was a young child, it is the perfect sport because it is challenging physically but also artistic. Since I am always active and on the move, I love finding new products that will improve my performance or just spruce up my practice attire. At first, finding PRO Hair Ties was fascinating because of all of the different colors and packs. I immediately gravitated towards the Playful Pack because the bands were pretty and bright, I knew they would stand out. It wasn’t until I received my hair ties in the mail that I realized that I had stumbled upon a product that would transform the way I practiced. Before PRO Hair Ties, my thin hair had to be held down by a combination of bobby pins and hair ties, doing all sorts of flips and jumps can move your hair around a lot!

The adjustable PRO Hair Tie held my hair perfectly in place, and it looked cute. I also purchased the Pro Magnetic Mirror Brush, which was great for doing my hair on the go or when I couldn’t get a spot in front of the mirrors in the locker room. Being able to go all practice without adjusting my hair helped me to improve my skills, I could finally focus entirely on my sport. This little change in my practice gear even led to an improvement in my competition scores! Now all of my teammates are falling in love with PRO Hair Tie. Even the girls with super thick hair are using them and they can’t get enough! All the girls tell me that they cannot wait to see how the hair ties change the way they perform. 


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