Grace Finlay June 25, 2020

Hair Ties For Guys

To all of my fellow long-haired men out there, this one goes out to you. I have worn my hair long, to about my shoulders since I was in college. I think it suits me well and I’ve received a lot of compliments and positive feedback from it, so I’m sticking with it. With this commitment came a lot of new responsibilities. I have found it to be much harder work to keep up with longer locks, I went through a lot of trial and error in my earliest long-hair years. I had to learn how to wash and dry my hair with a blowdryer. I purchased professional hair products and tools but the hardest part was learning how to style my hair. Of course, wearing my hair down was great for going out or meeting friends but chores and activities like cooking, running errands, and working out caused me a bit of trouble. Thankfully, the man-bun took off, but I always found my hair getting tangled up in traditional hair ties. I also happen to have very thick hair and I would break a hair tie at least once a week. They also felt too tight on my wrists and would leave indentations on my skin, but I would lose them when I kept them in my pockets or bags. I went through a park or more of hair ties in a month. I talked to one of my girlfriends about my problems and she directed me to PRO Hair Ties and told me about how they changed the hair tie game. When I say PRO Hair Ties are the best hair ties for guys and men I mean that. You can cut them to fit your hair, and they unclasp so you don't have to worry about a chunk of your hair coming out every time you tie your hair back! Also, one of my favorite parts is that they look good sitting on your wrist and they don’t cut off circulation to your hands. I recently purchased the Color-Block Pack because I think the splashes of color look nice. I also have the Black Pack because they blend into my man bun nicely. Men, do not be afraid to invest in your long locks. I promise you it is worth it to take care of your hair.



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