Grace Finlay June 25, 2020

Hair Ties for Red Hair

Anyone with red hair knows the struggle of finding a hair tie that blends in with your natural color. It’s so easy to find black, brown, blonde, and even clear hair ties, but it feels like we always have to settle. I have a natural red pigment to my hair, think Amy Adams or Emma Stone, and I love how unique my color is. When I found PRO Hair Ties I was so excited to see that they had so many different colors of hair ties to offer. The Maroon hair tie seemed to match my hair color the best so I ordered a few of them and a few of the classic Red ties just to see which would look the best. I was so happy when they arrived because I had never owned red hair ties before. The maroon was such a great look for when I go to work and want a more subdued look, and the red stood out just a little against my hair. I was so happy with the results. Even though the colors were so fun, I kept ordering from PRO Hair Ties because of the design! They were the hair ties I never knew I needed. The clasp is genius and leaves my hair knot-free. My hairstyles stay in place all day too! I ordered the Pastel Pack later on just because the colors are so pretty, I am in love with how they look in my red hair. I will never settle for a non-PRO Hair Tie ever again.


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