Grace Finlay June 25, 2020

Hair Ties for School

Any other moms know that feeling when you pick your daughter up from school only to see that the cutest hairstyle you gave her that morning had turned into a giant knot at the bottom of her head, or the style had been taken out all together? This always frustrated me! My youngest daughter had this problem the worst. I would ask her what happened and she would explain that her hair would come loose while running around and playing during recess or that the hair ties would tug at her head and give her headaches. I had enough of this and started asking other parents if they had solved this problem. One other mother recommended PRO Hair Ties. She had found out about them because her children play sports all year-round. I got the Playful Pack because my daughter liked those colors the best. When we tried them out the first time, I cut the bands like the website instructed so that they would wrap closely around her hair. I also practiced unclasping the bands.  It was so easy, and there were no tears like usual when I have to pull out a wad of hair! I sent my daughter to school with two space buns and was so happy to see later that day that they were still in-tact and adorable. My daughter said they didn’t move around at all during recess and she felt comfortable all day. PRO Hair Ties are really the best for school. Now all of the girls in her grade use them and collect them on their wrists, they’re all the rage in the 4th grade.


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