Grace Finlay June 25, 2020

Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Everyone always told me that I was so lucky to have thick hair. I never understood why people liked it so much because, to me, my hair only caused me endless problems! Getting my hair into any ponytail, braid, or buns took a lot of time and arm strength, not to mention the thousands of hair ties I have broken. For a while, I considered cutting all of my hair off to a bob just so I wouldn’t have to worry about taming my mane. With hair as heavy as mine, it seemed like there was no tie, pin, or clip that could make my hair look like all of my friends. Another time I almost got my hair professionally thinned to combat my struggles. Before I could make a move my mom stopped me. She gave me my thick, heavy hair and has also spent her life looking for solutions. She sent me the link to PRO Hair Ties and told me about how she had fallen in love with their products. I read about the product and it seemed like it might be a miracle hair tie. The ability to adjust them to fit your hair and unclasp them when you are done seemed like it would work really well with my hair. And the material looked strong enough to hold my hair back. Also, the non-stick coating sounded promising to me, because I have embarrassingly lost a few hair ties inside of my hair. I ordered three Light Brown PRO Hair Ties to start, assuming I would snap the first one within a week. The hair ties amazingly did exactly what they claimed to do and more! I fell in love with them. It was so exciting to finally be able to wear my hair in fun and cute styles. I actually gave my hair ties to my friends so they could try them too. I ordered myself both the Playful Pack and the Coachella Pack, I’m obsessed! I can firmly say that PRO Hair Ties are the best hair ties for thick and heavy hair. I finally understand why my hair is beautiful, and I love it.



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