Running Hairstyles To Shave Time Off Your Mile
Grace Finlay June 11, 2020

Running Hairstyles To Shave Time Off Your Mile

Conquering My First Marathon

Training for my first marathon was the most physically demanding activity I had ever attempted in my life. I have always been a runner and an athlete, running cross country growing up, but as I got older, I had less time to be active. I decided that I needed to spend more time outside doing something that I love, to become a healthier person, so I boldly committed to running 26.2 miles. Training started tough, which I assumed, only I began to remember the little annoyances that long-distance running used to bring me. My headphones would fall out, my shoelaces would untie, but most importantly, my ponytail would quickly slip out, and my hair would fly. Catching pieces of your hair while running several miles is quite bothersome, plus the tangled mess of hair you are left with can be painful to brush out. My typical convenience store ponytail holders had to go.

I have tried many different styles of hair ties in my life as a girl with very thick hair, but finding PRO Hair Ties has literally changed the game. I ordered the Midnight Pack so that they would match all of my neutral running clothes colors. Being able to cut my hair tie to perfectly suit my hair thickness enabled me to run without my hairstyle coming loose or moving at all. Also, unclasping the hair tie at the end of a long run was easy and helped me avoid the tangled mess I usually find myself in. After using PRO Hair Ties, I was able to run even farther distances because I was able to focus more on my stride rather than my hair. My PRO Hair Tie was my good luck charm on the day of the marathon, and I finished at 5:03:29! Now that I have my secret weapon, I think I’ll run even faster next year.


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