3 Softball Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Game

3 Softball Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Game

Softball Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Game

Attention all softball pitchers! As a fellow softball pitcher, I think I have stumbled upon the perfect hairstyle for games and practices. My uniform involves a visor and sunglasses, making it difficult to style my hair to keep it off my face and out of the way. We also play in some of the hottest temperatures, so it is important to keep your hair off your neck to stay cool. I first found PRO Hair Ties and fell in love with the hair ties because they never fall out or become loose in my hair.

When I watched the Chain Link Braid tutorial, my game was taken to a whole new level. All you have to do is make a ponytail with your PRO Hair Tie in between the straps of your goggles and the band of your visor. Next, split the hair in half and make a regular braid on each side. The last step is to simply twist the braids together and finish it off with another PRO Hair Tie, and you are all set to play. The back of my neck stays cool, my hair stays back where it is out of my way, fits all of my other equipment, and looks amazing! I love the look of this hairstyle on and off the field; my teammates call it my signature hairdo. I can enjoy my long and thick hair and still be an athlete.

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