Top 4 Hair Tie Fails and How to Avoid Them
Willis Yehl October 15, 2020

Top 4 Hair Tie Fails and How to Avoid Them

Top 4 Hair Tie Fails and How to Avoid Them

Tightening Ponytail


If you’re needing to put your hair up for work, or even to train, you’ll know these struggles all too well. Enjoy these 4 pains we all face with hair ties, and how to avoid them! 

1. When Your Hair Just Won’t Hold in Place

Messy Hair Day

The whole reason we wear ponytails, is so that we can wear it throughout the day and not have to worry about our hair getting in the way! We all go through the usual fidgeting when it comes to fixing it over the course of our day. And some of us really depend on having our hair kept in place. Whether you play a professional sport or work in the ER, it’s super important to keep your hair from distracting you! 

Luckily there are new re-invented hair ties that are extremely dependable and backed by pro athletes! Even for surfers who need to ensure their hair doesn’t distract them in the water! You’ll never have to worry about keeping your hair in place again.  

2. When You get the Worst Headache 

Hair Headache

Headaches are very common when it comes to keeping your hair up. If you plan to keep your hair up for the duration of the day you should make sure you are investing in a comfortable hair tie that won’t overpull on your scalp. The original hair ties that are made from elastic are not the ones to go for, so make sure you stay away! 

3. When Your Hair Tie Rips Out Your Hair

Stop Pulling Your Hair

The worst is putting your hair up in the perfect way, only to take it out at the end of the day and see all your strands come out with it! We’re always trying to get our hair fuller and healthier, so why not get the right hair ties to make sure you’re not damaging your hair and hurting your scalp! 

If you’re a professional athlete, like a volleyball player who depends on having your hair up all day to play your perfect game, you’ll want to have a hair tie that won’t damage your hair at the end of the day!Which honestly is finally possible with these hair ties that are backed by professional athletes

4. When Your Hair Tie Doesn't Hold a Bun


Holds Buns Perfectly

Everyone has been there; you put your flimsy hair tie in and the bun explodes right back out. And then we’re scrambling to find a new one to take its place. Elastic hair ties are just not as durable as they should be and don't always work great for buns. Add durable hair ties to your collection that are made from materials that last! You don’t want to be stuck worrying about finding a replacement when your elastic lets up on you during those Sunday, bun-days.  

Don’t get stuck in these hair struggles, get the right hair ties that are durable, healthy for your hair and dependable!  

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