Top 50 Hair Tips for Every Hair Type
Willis Yehl August 17, 2020

Top 50 Hair Tips for Every Hair Type

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50 Hair Tips for Every Hair Type

We collected the ultimate 50 hair hacks every body with hair should know!

Let's dive right in!

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

By washing your hair everyday you are stripping your hair of its natural oils, and can make your hair dry and more prone to breakage. So if you can try to wash your hair at most every other day. 

2. Avoid Conditioner on Your Roots

Conditioner on your roots is a big no no. Conditioning your roots, can make your hair oily and flat, taking away from the natural process and makes your hair heavier.

3. Air Dry Your Hair

Before you decide to style or blow-dry, let your hair air dry so that you don’t overheat your hair and cause heat damage. 

4. Brush Your Hair from Bottom Up

Don’t brush from the roots, brush from the tips of your hair up. This will ensure less hair loss and avoid the extra breakage.

5. Use Natural Oils

When in doubt, use the oils you have right at home like olive oil, and coconut oil to give you extra conditioning and shine. Apply to your tips pre-shower and then rinse out.

6. Trim Your Hair Regularly 

In order to keep your hair healthy and growing, trim regularly to get rid of your dead, and split ends!

7. Eat Protein Rich Foods 

Protein is essential for hair growth! Eating foods that are rich in protein will make your hair softer and healthier.  

8. Wash Your Hair With Lukewarm Water 

Hot water can actually strip your essential oils, leaving it feeling drier and duller, so try not to use hot water when you wash your hair. 

9. Rinse Out Products Well

Wash out your hair thoroughly. Leaving in shampoo or conditioner can cause your hair to be oily and make it harder to produce their natural oils.

10. Use Heat Protecting Products

Before blow-drying or hair styling, apply a heat protecting oil to your roots. This will protect your hair from burning and drying out. 

11. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase reduces friction, meaning less breakage and damage to your hair.

12. Use Dry Shampoo

When your hair is feeling oily, apply dry shampoo to your roots and it will feel fresh as new. This will help you avoid washing your hair everyday and the oils will learn to balance themselves out. 

13. Wear a Hat to Protect your Strands from the Sun!

Most people don’t know this but the UV rays from the sun can cause some serious damage. So wear a hat to protect your strands!

14. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

If your hair is feeling dull or under conditioned, use some extra conditioning treatments or oils to hydrate your hair, especially at the tips. This will bring your hair back to life and cause less breakage. 

15. Use a Wide Tooth Comb on Wet Hair

Wet Hair is more fragile and needs some extra care. Wide tooth combs are healthier and won’t over pull on your strands.

16. Use Non-damaging Hair Ties to Prevent Breakage

Traditional hair ties can pull on your strands, and cause extra hair loss. Trade in the old for the new, and use alternative hair ties, like a PRO hair to avoid the hair loss and damage. 

17. Make Sure to Shampoo for More Than 1 Min to Activate

Be sure you are washing your hair thoroughly. You want to wash out all the dirt and dust build-up and get your hair clean so wash for at least 1 minute into your scalp and strands. 

18. Brush Down your Baby Hairs With an Eyebrow Brush or Toothbrush

Annoyed by those fly-aways, spray a toothbrush or eyebrow brush with hairspray and brush down in the specific area. 

19. Wear a Correctly Sized Hair Tie

Every hair thickness is not the same, so your hair tie being customizable is super important. Customizing the size will make sure you are not adding too much excessive pressure by giving you the perfect, secure -- but not too tight -- hold.

20. Brush your Hair Before you Shower

Since wet hair is more fragile, brush your hair before the shower to avoid the breakage from brushing when wet. 

21. Clean your Hair Brush

Don’t add extra dirt and dust to hair, clean your hairbrush and switch it out every once and awhile. 

22. Use a Flat Iron Upwards to Add More Volume

Get added volume to your hair by styling it upwards instead of down flat. It’ll give you the ultimate voluminous look effortlessly.  

23. Twist and Dry your Hair for Natural Beach Waves

Twist your hair while it’s drying to get wavy hair without using a hair curler. Also cuts out the extra heat damage from a wand or hair curler. 

24. Never Wear a Hair Tie in Wet Hair UNLESS...

it is a PRO Hair Tie. Pulling your wet fragile hair to remove a standard hair tie is putting your hair in extreme danger of being pulled from the roots or breaking as hair is much weaker when it is wet. Waterproof PRO Hair Ties solve that problem.


25. Use Shampoo and Conditioner from the Same Brand

Usually they are made of similar ingredients and serve a purpose together. Use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner so that you can get the best outcome for your hair. 

26. Don’t Leave Tight Braids in For too Long

Tight braids are super cute, but don’t leave them in for too long and definitely don’t sleep with them. They can cause your hair to break and fall from the roots. 

27. Avoid Teasing your Hair

Teasing your hair breaks the hair follicles and is just overall not healthy for your roots. If you want to add extra volume, turn to products or styling your hair upwards as an alternative. 

28. Don’t Overuse Products

Let's also remember not to over do it. Using products can be great but putting too much product in your hair can do the opposite of what you want. Overuse of products makes your hair heavy, oily and flat.  

29. Use Eggs to Make Hair Silky & Smooth

Yeah sounds weird right? But the eggs help feed the protein in your hair! Mix one egg with a small amount of shampoo, apply five minutes, and rinse out!

30. Use Tea Tree Oil to Treat Dandruff

Tea Tree oil has anti-fungal properties that fight off dandruff and help moisturize the scalp by clearing blocked pores and preventing dryness.

31. Drink a lot of Water

Being dehydrated immediately stops hair growth! So drink plenty of water if you want to increase strength and growth.  

32. Monitor your Hair Loss

We all lose a bunch of hair per day, but how much is too much? Monitor the amount of hair you lose per day to know if you are over the average of 50-100 strands a day. If you are losing more there might be a reason, and it's better to know and fix the problem earlier rather than later.

33. For Natural Made Highlights Use Lemon Juice

Add lemon juice to any parts of your hair that you want to lighten, and then step into the sun! But remember not to soak your hair, use a spray bottle so you don’t over burn your strands. It will naturally lighten your hair for sunkissed highlights.

34. Eat Foods Rich in Omega-3

Omega-3 is rich in fish oil which helps open up hair follicles and increases growth. So to help your hair grow don’t miss out on eating up food that are high in Omega-3.

35. Wear a Sleek Up-Do on An Oily Hair Day

Like we said it’s not good to wash your hair everyday, so that our natural hair oil has a chance to balance itself out. Since it could get oily up there, rock a stylish sleek up-do on those oilier days. 

36. Use Leave-in Conditioner in your Hair Before the Pool/Beach

Salt and Chlorine can make your hair extra dry! So before you take a dip apply some leave-in conditioner or even a hair mask to keep your hair moisturized and smooth. 

37. Use Dryer Sheets to Get Rid of Hair Static

This secret is one of our favs! Static-y hair can drive you crazy, and all those methods out there don’t usually work. But this one does! Rub a dryer sheet into your hair and walla~ The static is gone. 

38. Use Cornstarch as a DIY Dry Shampoo

Don’t have dry shampoo on hand? Create your own with Cornstarch. Just rub it into your hair and see how it instantly soaks up that unwanted grease. It’s also great for adding volume and texture.

39. Use Aspirin as a Hair Repair

This might sound weird but Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, which has some serious benefits for hair. This acid helps really clean and remove dead cells and grease from your scalp, making it easier for your follicles to transfer oxygen. Smash one aspirin and apply the dust to your standard shampoo amount and mix it together and you are set!

40. Use Dish Soap to Tone Down your Hair Color

If you just colored your hair and are not a fan, dish soap is a great remedy to tone it down! It’s strong detergent works well to strip away the unwanted color. 

41. Use Tomato Juice to Vamp up your Blonde

Those of us who color our hair blonde know, especially in those summer months, that the blonde can start to get the greenish tint we all fear. Luckily tomato juice or even ketchup does the trick to get the blonde back to the yellow tone we had before! Just apply to your hair, leave on like a mask and rinse out! You’ll thank us later.

42. Heat-less Curls with (clean) Socks

Want to avoid heat damage from curling irons? Take a break from putting heat to your strands and instead twist damp hair around a sock. Once it's dry, let them lose and brush it out. This method creates the beach waves you want, without frying your hair.


43. Wear your Hair Tie in Different Places

If you wear your hair up often, change up the spot that you put your hair tie. If you keep it in the same place every time, those strands will eventually become weak and break. So try to change up your hairstyle every once in a while. 

44. Use a paper towel, or Cotton T-shirt to Dry Hair and Avoid the Frizz

We all traditionally dry our hair with a towel, but the towel material can cause some serious friction that isn’t good for our strands. Try something different, like drying your hair with a cotton T-shirt or paper towel. Since it's more gentle it will decrease breakage and even the frizz in your hair! 

45. Apply Beer to Make Hair Extra Shiny and Healthy

The malt and hops in beer have tons of protein, which we know is amazing for strengthening and promoting hair growth. Plus, the alcohol contains B vitamins that makes your hair super shiny. So rub in some beer before your shower, leave-in for 5 minutes and then rinse out!

46. Clean your Hair Tools

Straighteners, hair curlers, and even your hair brush can build up dirt that gets transferred to your strands. We want to keep our hair follicles and strands clean to promote hair growth and strength. So make sure that you keep all your hair tools clean.

47. Don’t use your Hair Tools on Highest Heat Setting 

Hair tools these days can get to extreme heat, which can be fine on certain parts of our hair, but it can also fry our strands which we want to avoid! If you can get the same hair style at a lower heat it’s preferred. 

48. Use Infrared Hair Tools to Protect Your Hair 

Infrared technology uses a gentler heat that uses negative ions to lock in moisturize and causes less damage, along with healthier, shinier hair. So if you can trade in your old tools for one that uses infrared technology.

49. Use a Honey + Banana Mask to Make Hair Extra Soft

Both banana and honey help nourish the scalp and prevent breakage and split ends, while making hair strong and shiny. Honey adds moisture and shine, while bananas potassium prevents and controls dandruff. So mix them up and add them as a hair mask to add some nourishment into your hair naturally. 

50. Use Henna as an alternate Hair Dye

If you are looking to dye your hair darker, try an alternative like Henna instead of hair color. Henna is safe to use on hair and instead of causing damage it actually has natural properties that heals, conditions and rejuvenates your hair!

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