4 Volleyball Hairstyles To Use on the Court

4 Volleyball Hairstyles To Use on the Court

How my daughter became the star volleyball player I always knew that she could be

Being a volleyball player is hard. I know this because I was a volleyball player when I was younger, but every day I watch my daughter at volleyball practice. She is always moving throughout her two hours of training every night. Between stretching, footwork, and launching her tiny body into the air to strike the ball, she has to have a uniform that performs as hard as she does.

I came across Pro Hair Ties when I realized that her beloved scrunchies weren’t cutting it. As her mom, I wanted to ensure that her uniform, including her hair accessories, helped her succeed. Thankfully, Pro Hair Ties come in multiple colors to please my daughter’s fashion sense, but it also holds her hair throughout her entire practice every evening. Even her coach reached out to me, asking what type of hair ties she uses!

Not only is my daughter succeeding in practice, but she is also now thriving in her games too. Watching her perform, without any distractions, makes me wish that I would have had Pro Hair Ties back in my day when I played volleyball. I will continue to watch and support her as I hope she will always know that I will have her back, and so will her hair ties.

Here are volleyball hairstyles to use on the court

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